Digitisation of your records made easy – we can provide the advice and guidance for scanning your records, ensuing the most cost effective path to your records transformation, from a paper based organisation to a fully digital and agile workforce.

We can help you with you minimum scanning requirements, your scanning strategy, as well as help you find the right partners to help you thorough your digitisation journey, lowering risks and increasing assurance. With our in depth knowledge of achieving full digitisation and proven background, we can assist you carrying out all the prerequisite checks.

Our services assist you by, before your information assets are taken offsite for scanning, we can assist with carrying out all the heavy lifting , such as the indexing, barcoding and boxing records & files, to ensure 100% accuracy. This allows your organisation to continue business as usual throughout the entire process, so you have zero downtime whilst the scanning operation is taking place.

In all this enables you to free up valuable floor space and have digitised records, resulting in a better working environment, with higher productivity, and instant access to the records no matter where you are in the world.