Reduce risks with ease - making the complex simple

With GilbyIM for Schools, you can say goodbye to the hassle and risk involved in records management.

  • With compliance comes peace of mind - take the stress out of record keeping.
  • No more worries about GDPR compliance - simplified DSAR responses.
  • No more complicated file-retention scheduling.
  • One secure place for all your records: Safeguarding, Student, HR, Finance, Contracts, DSARs.
  • Access from anywhere – safe cloud based software.
  • Subscribe to GilbyIM for simple per user per month and breathe easy.


What is GilbyIM for Schools?

GilbyIM for Schools is far more than a document store. It is a cloud based EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records Management System) designed in collaboration with schools, for schools, with simplicity in mind. Its intuitive design leads to high user adoption and better, more complete, sets of records, forever.

What do schools say?


"GilbyIM is so quick and intuitive, I uploaded 40 staff files in under an hour."

"GilbyIM has made managing records so much easier. Keeping up with compliance has been made simple."

"I used the system for our recent mock Ofsted and the inspector was really impressed with how quickly we could produce records upon request."

Book a demo here Contact us, you can be up and running in days!

What are the benefits of GilbyIM?

GilbyIM for Schools is secure, low-cost and enables your school to continually meet its GDPR and legislative compliance.

The carefully agreed file structures are maintained throughout the records lifecycle, meaning once your start using GilbyIM for Schools, you will have expertly managed records with without any effort.

  • GilbyIM provides well-structured, secure and managed records sets
  • It facilitates DSAR responses, as well as Ofsted visits
  • No accidental deletion of documents - be able to prove that these are the complete records
  • No messy files - the structure is agred with each school and maintained automatically
  • It frees up users’ time to get on with other priorities, and it enables agile working safely

Is it difficult to set up?

No. We set everything up for you, including the MIS integration.

We help with all the complex tasks such as record rules, access controls & fileplans then carry out all the system configurations.

This provides a unique user experience, where schools are able get on with their work from day one.  

Which MIS do you integrate with?

We use Wonde to integrate with 35 MIS including SIMS, Arbor, Progresso, RM Integris & Bromcom

Does the system require lots of training?

No. GilbyIM is designed to be simple and intuitive and this enables staff to find and save their records quickly and easily.

See for yourself how easy GilbyIM by booking a demo here Contact us.  

Are my records secure?

Yes. Defence industry standards secure! GilbyIM uses Micro Focus’s Content Manager, (formerly HP Enterprise TRIM) a best-of-breed EDRMS as its backbone.

This meets the UK MOD security requirements and used by 2500 government bodies worldwide. Also, its also approved by The National Archives.   

Is it expensive to purchase or maintain?

No. We offer a simple onboarding package plus a ‘per user per month’ cost. You only pay for what you use.

Our team have over 50 years experience working with EDRM systems, and have used this expertise to overcome the traditional cost barriers to entry to the EDRM market:

  • No more prohibitively expensive up-front licencing costs
  • No more long infrastructure procurement and setup costs
  • Removed the ongoing system maintenance and management costs
  • No need for a deployment team
  • Vastly reduced time and costs taken from decision to procure to rollout  

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