We have over 50 years combined experience in the records management and information governance profession, our team is able to provide a full range of consulting services in relation to information and records management.

We offer a Records Management as a Service for all companies from SMEs to multi-nationals. This allows organizations to fix their information governance problems quickly and expertly.

Software solutions

  • EDRMS as a Service with our fantastic and easy to use GilbyIM
  • assessing and implementing document and records management solutions
  • data discovery tools bringing structure and governance to unstructured data

Consultancy expertise

  • developing policies and procedures that enable your business to achieve compliance with regard to information governance, records management, and data protection
  • Email management process training
  • advice and guidance across wide range of complex issues such as retention and disposal of information, including archival and secure destruction
  • data mapping for GDPR compliance and quick responses to DSARs and FoI
  • records management training and refresher sessions to ensure continued compliance